Are you planning to buy a water softener for your home but not able to understand from where you need to start your search. The most important thing which you should look for is the size of the softener. The size is completely depending upon the water usage and the size of your family. For example, if you buy a small softener and the water usage is more at your home then the water will get over in a short time and you might have to use the softener more time.

In such cases, it will need more services. You need to have a Large tank and resin capacity if your family is big. Let us see some things which you need to know.

  • Flow rate: You should be sure if there is a chance that in your family the usage of water will be done simultaneously at different places. Such as kitchen sink, bathrooms, and other places. If the water is going to be used in all the above places at a time then the small softener may not work for you.
  • Water volume: Next thing you should consider is how much water your family uses in a day. Is it a lot of water or very little amount? Based on the number of people in your house you can calculate the gallons of water you need on daily basis.
  • Water Quality: Basically a water softener is used to remove the calcium and magnesium present in the water. It also filters out the iron. Depending upon the level of water purity you need you should select the water softener. If you like more soft water then you can use the salt-based water softener.
  • System capacity: Each water softener consists of plastic beads inside them which does the work of pulling the minerals from the water and give you soft water. The capacity of a water softener is depended on the number of resin beads available in the system. Once the resins are filled with the minerals it will not be in a position to remove more minerals and you will not get soft water.


Finally, keep the above-mentioned points in mind to buy the best capacity softener for your family.

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